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Beyond the Juice Glass: 15 More Delicious Ways to Enjoy Citrus at Breakfast

It’s not exactly a well-kept secret that orange juice is delicious at breakfast, especially when it’s freshly squeezed. If you’d like to think outside the box (carton?) a little bit, then there’s tangerine juice or grapefruit juice--also amazing when fresh! (By the way, here’s a tip: tangerine juice is exceptionally beautiful, and holds better in the fridge than some types of orange juice, such as that from navels.)

But if a “glass of OJ” is as far as you ever go when it comes to citrus for breakfast, you’re definitely missing out. There are lots of other delicious ways to enjoy the bright, fresh flavor of oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines in the morning. Remember, citrus is inexpensive, available most of the year, and well-liked by just about everyone. It keeps well and is ripe when you buy it, so you don’t have to worry about whether it’s ready or not. It’s also high in nutrition, from (of course) vitamin C to folate, fiber, B vitamins, and potassium. Check out these delicious and varied recipes, and enjoy a citrusy morning!

Healthy Choices

1. Orange-Banana Smoothie 

This simple, delicious and healthy smoothie will start your day off right. The yogurt and banana make it more filling.

2. Raspberry-Orange-Mango Smoothie Bowl

To get a bit more elaborate, have you ever tried a smoothie bowl?  This one uses fresh orange juice as its base, then adds frozen bananas, mango, and raspberries and tops it all with granola, blackberries and coconut butter. A nutrient-rich way to start your day.

3. Broiled Grapefruit

Halved ruby red grapefruit is darn good on its own. Halved ruby red grapefruit broiled with honey and topped with yogurt, honey, and pistachios? Yes Please!

Decadent Delights

4. Orange-Creamsicle French Toast 

Here’s an Orange Creamsicle French Toast that is not diet food, but looks out of this world good—stuffed with creamy orange filling and drizzled with a special orange syrup. Wow.

5. Orange Sweet-roll Pancakes

You’ve heard of sweet rolls…you may even have heard of orange sweet rolls…but have you heard of orange sweet roll pancakes? These are a bit involved, but extra-special amazing, with an orangey swirl and an orange glaze. Check them out!

6. Breakfast crepes with Candied Tangerines

Got a little extra time? These breakfast crepes with candied Tangerines are sophisticated, beautiful, and delicious—perfect for a special occasion like Mother’s Day!

Kid-Friendly Options

7. Orange-Banana Whole-Wheat Muffins 

Orange and bananas come together in these quick and surprisingly healthy whole-wheat muffins that kids are not going to turn down.

8. Baked Orange French toast

Baked orange french toast is super-simple (no more standing over a hot pan while everyone else eats!) and includes healthy wheat germ.

9. Easy Orange Coffee Cake 

This fun orange coffee cake uses canned biscuits as a “cheat,” but comes out looking beautiful and fragrant of fresh orange. Your family will go crazy for it!

New and Different

10. Coconut Chia Pudding

If you’ve never tried chia pudding, you’re missing out on a weird but wonderful health food. These little seeds have the power to turn any type of milk into a thick “pudding.” Here they’re mixed with coconut milk, honey, and vanilla, left overnight, and topped with coconut and orange slices in the morning for a cool tropical breakfast.

11. Carmelized Grapefruit Dutch Baby for Two

A Dutch baby is kind of like a giant puffy crepe. They’re easy and fun to make, and this one is topped with caramelized grapefruit.

12. Blood Orange Donuts 

Want to really go all out? These blood orange donuts look delicious and exotic. They’d be amazing for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Homey and Comforting

13. Cranberry-Tangerine Scones

Love scones? Me too, and these cranberry-tangerine scones are easy and a bit lighter on the fat due to use of yogurt in the recipe.

14. Tangelo Muffins  

This tangelo muffins recipe is written especially to take advantage of Florida’s delicious tangelos, one of our very favorite citrus. The simple recipe makes a very moist and fragrant muffin.

15. Orange Cinnamon Granola

Homemade granola is one of most irresistible things I’ve ever turned out of my oven—it smells incredible, and is easy and much cheaper and better than store-bought. This simple orange cinnamon granola isn’t excessively high in sugar and will make your morning so much better.

Want More?

These ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to delicious citrus breakfasts! For more breakfast citrus recipes, as well as citrus DIY ideas, fun Florida citrus heritage photos, gorgeous photos from our groves, and much more, follow Florida Fruit Shippers on Pinterest.

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