Monday, January 28, 2019

Why Florida Citrus and Florida Seafood Are Perfect Together

Here in the beautiful sunshine state, we’re known for a few different things. Of course, vacations and are definitely one. Bright, abundant, warm sunshine is another.

Two more? Sweet, juicy, bright citrus, and fresh, delectable seafood.

The great news is that all of these things go together exceptionally well! But if you can’t make it down here for the vacation and sunshine, you can still enjoy the flavors of our citrus and seafood—no matter where you live and or what the temperature is outside.

Why it Works

Chefs and home cooks have been combining the bright acidity of citrus with seafood dishes for thousands of years. The time-honored combination is actually based on some hard science, as well as tradition.

Seafood contains amines, which are neutralized by the acidity of citrus. This can make the characteristic “fishy” taste a bit milder. However, the acidity of citrus also brings up the delicate flavor of seafood without overpowering it.

Florida’s talented professional and home chefs have come up with some absolutely spectacular dishes that showcase this classic combo. A great time to sample these dishes? Winter!

Winter’s the Time

If you didn’t already know it, citrus is at its peak in the heart of Northern winter. We don’t mean to gloat, we promise—but it’s just another thing that’s great about Florida.

There’s also plenty of Florida seafood to be had in winter. White shrimp, Key West Pink Shrimp, spiny lobster, and stone crabs are all in peak season during the fall and winter months, along with plenty of Florida finfish like amberjack, mullet, flounder, pompano, and grouper.

Of course, you’re not required to limit yourself to Florida-caught seafood when enjoying the combination of citrus and seafood (though we do happen to think that this is the perfect pair). Keeping your dish local like this also supports our economy, helping the American seafood and agriculture industries thrive.

Check out a few of these delicious dishes today!

Florida Grouper with Citrus Salad
This is a simple seared grouper filet served on a bed of fresh Florida oranges, grapefruit, fennel, and jicama. We can guarantee that it will taste fresh, luscious, and refreshing.

Herb and Butter Roasted Florida Spiny Lobster with Citrus and Olives
Never tried spiny lobster (also called rock lobster)? Like Maine lobster, the meat is sweet and succulent and should be purchased either live or frozen. Unlike Maine lobster, you don’t eat the claws—just the tail. Try this Florida delicacy today.

Orange Garlic Shrimp
Citrus and shrimp are a really classic combination, and for good reason. This Asian-themed orange garlic shrimp stir-fry is perfect for a fresh and healthy dinner.

Steamed Stone Crab Claws with Creamy Orange-Chile Sauce
Stone crabs are another special Florida treat that you really need to try at least once in your life. The meat, which comes only from the claws, is extremely delicate and sweet. This very simple recipe simply consists of steamed claw meat dipped in an orange-chile sauce.

Can’t get to Florida this winter? We’re sorry to hear it. But you can still get some of the feel of our beautiful winters by ordering a box or basket of our bright, cheerful, fresh, and healthy citrus. Try our oranges, grapefruit, or honeybells today.

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