Friday, February 28, 2020

Peeling Your Orange...Are You Doing it Wrong?

As grown adults, there are certain things that we feel confident that we know how to do, generally because we’ve been doing them for so long. Tying our shoes? Check. Making toast? Handled. Brushing teeth? Got it figured out. Peeling an orange? Yup.

Well…hold up a minute. Did you know that  in some people's opinion, the simple act of peeling an orange is not as simple as you think? Folks have some interesting ideas about alternate ways to go about this process. What you don’t know—and may have never even thought about! —may surprise you.

This video shows two "new" methods. In what I call the “roll it out” method, you simply slice the “north and south pole” ends off your orange, then slice into the orange and “roll out" the sections. 

Well, this is one of those tricks that works better on YouTube than in real life. I tried this method, and it pretty much failed with a tighter-skinned Valencia. It was okay with a looser-skinned mandarin, but they’re so easy to peel anyway that I don’t really get the point.

In the second, "cap" method, you score an orange around the equator, then slip a spoon or your thumb in to remove each half’s peel, like a cap. You can then place this peel “cap” back on. This  might be a cool way to send a whole orange in a lunch for a child who doesn’t know how to peel an orange or doesn’t like to peel them. But why not just peel and section like usual? The cap is cute, but I don't know how worth it this is.

Ever wanted to peel your orange in one long spiral piece? This video makes it look easier than it is, and my orange squirted me a little, but it does look really cool.

And this guy likes making his orange peels into little section "bowls" for the fruit. It's useful in some cases, perhaps, like when hiking?

One issue I see with most of these methods is that they tend to leave more pith behind on the fruit than “regular peeling.” (Of course, this will only happen if you are using fruit with significant pith. Some citrus, like mandarin oranges, have very little.) 

This brings me to some other “orange consumption” methods. Of course, pretty much all of us know that you can just take a whole orange and slice it into nice juicy sections with the peel on. Kids usually love this!

 Here’s a small refinement on that method that I use; I think it really make the slices super appealing (or is that a-peeling? Sorry).

Finally, there’s the ultimate way to remove citrus of all its “bits and parts”—supreming. This process has been around a very long time. It is really a great way to enjoy perfectly luscious citrus sections, devoid of any peel, pith, or fiber. If you want to try it, here’s a step-by-step tutorial using grapefruit.

And a video:

Welll, huh. Does this seem like a too much fuss about the simple act of orange peeling? I kind of think so too.  It's just not that complicated!

Fortunately, here at Florida Fruit Shippers, the majority of the fruit we sell is very easy to peel. That’s on purpose! As a seller of prime eating fruit, we know what folks like, and they like fruit that peels up nicely, like our premium Navels. So don’t worry too much about any of these fancy tricks. Though you can make your peel into a little “fruit cap” if you want to, that’s just for fun.

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