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Take the Temple Orange Quiz!

Take the Temple Orange Quiz!

How much do you know about Temple Oranges? Try this quiz to find out. 

Question: What do you get when you cross a mandarin with an orange?
    A. Tangor
    B. Temple Orange
    C. Royal Mandarin Tangor
    D. All of the above

Question: Why are they called Temple Oranges?
    A. Because your body is a temple and you want to feed it the most nutritious orange
    B. Because they are eaten in temples
    C. Because they were first propagated by a man named W.C. Temple
    D. All of the above

Question: Why should you order and enjoy Temple Oranges from Florida Fruit Shippers in February?
    A. Because they are only available in February
    B. Because they are not available at the grocery store
    C. Because they are still in season late into the winter
    D. All of the above

Question: Why Are Temple Oranges Great to Give for Valentine's Day?
    A. Because they are heart-shaped
    B. Because they have "Be Mine" stamped on them
    C. Because Cupid likes them
    D. Because they are an uncommon and wonderful way to say "I love you"

If you answered "D" to the above questions, you are a Temple Orange superstar!  Let's explore these delicious, nutritious, unique fruits a little bit further.

What Are Temple Oranges?

Temple Oranges are the luscious hybrid of tangerine and sweet orange, which explains one of their alternate name: tangors. They are medium-sized with more of an elliptical tangerine shape, and the peel and pulp are both a very attractive orange-red color. The color alone clues you in: this is one healthy citrus!  In addition, they have a thin rind that is very easy to peel, and the fruit is super juicy.  This is a great on-the-go snacking orange that is easiest to peel and eat outside or near a small trash can, as there are some seeds you'll need to gracefully spit out while enjoying them.  

Where Did They Come From?

While Temple Oranges can certainly be eaten in temples, and while they are very nutritious and perfect for maintaining your body as a temple, their name actually derives from the man who first propagated them. Tangors are a natural hybrid, and this particular variety was discovered in Jamaica in the late 19th century by a Florida fruit grower named Boyce. Boyce sent some budwood samples to nearby Florida, where William Chase Temple propagated them and shared them with a friend of his who owned a nursery in the Winter Park area. Because they grew best in Florida, they became a hit by the 1940's, and are still sought after today.

Whom Are They Best For?

Temple Oranges are gluten-free and vegan, easy to pack for road trips and school lunches, and taste delicious; any health- and taste-conscious kid or adult will love them!  With Valentine's approaching quickly, a gift basket of Temple Oranges is an uncommonly perfect way to say "I love you." 

 Why Should I Order Them Soon?

One of the great things about Temple Oranges, in addition to their power-packed nutrition content, great sweet-tangy taste and easy snackability, is that they are late-season oranges.  In other words, we're still picking them deep into the wintertime!  However, the season will be ending soon, and these wonderful fruits won't be available past mid-February.  Because you can't find them in a store, there is only a small window to enjoy Temple Oranges until next season. 

Ready to order?  Just click here: Temple Oranges


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