Thursday, November 16, 2023

Ten Reasons to be Thankful for Citrus!

As is the tradition during this season of gratitude, we have been contemplating all of the reasons we are thankful for citrus fruits. Here are the top ten:

1: It's Available All Winter Long!

Many other nutritious fruits such as berries, grapes, melons, peaches, and plums go dormant in the wintertime, leaving us to expensive and environmentally unfriendly versions imported from long distances, frozen packages, or no availability at all. Thankfully, there are many varieties of citrus fruits that are prime for the picking through the coldest months. Florida Fruit Shippers is well versed in which citrus varieties are available when, as different varieties ripen at various times throughout the colder months. For a guide, see the chart below:

2: It Keeps You Healthy During Cold and Flu Season!
True to nature's perfect design, it figures that these vitamin C-packed fruits would be available when we need immunity boosting the most. There's a reason they call this "cold season": in addition to the temperatures being colder, there is an uptick in flus and colds as
 people become more sedentary and indoor-oriented. 

3: Vitamin C, Baby!
Citrus is famous for being loaded with vitamin C, and vitamin C is famous for being nature's most effective immune system vitamin.  Since your body does not produce vitamin C, it is very important to make sure you are consuming adequate amounts of it daily. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C works by strengthening your T cells and helping to make more immune cells. Adults need 75-90 milligrams of vitamin C per day; a typical orange or grapefruit contains around 70-80 grams, thereby covering most of your recommended daily allowance. 

4: It Lowers Cholesterol!
Starting your day with an orange, grapefruit, or freshly squeezed orange/grapefruit juice has been clinically proven to reduce total and "bad" LDL cholesterol levels. In males, this reduction was reported at 23%, which is statistically significant. That being said, if you have been prescribed a statin to reduce your cholesterol levels, please check with your doctor before eating grapefruit, as grapefruit can interfere with the efficacy of some (but not all) statins.
5: Bring On the Flavonoids!
In addition to Vitamin C, citrus fruits are loaded with a class of compounds called flavonoids, which account for the vibrant colors in many fruits, flowers, and vegetables. "Eating the rainbow" is great advice, because flavonoids are known for their anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.  Not surprisingly, all citrus types are loaded with flavonoids. 
6: Potassium and Iron!
Who would need a multivitamin when citrus is in their diet? In addition to vitamin C and flavonoids, citrus is chock full of potassium, which is so important for blood pressure regulation. In addition, the vitamin C in these remarkable fruits boosts the bioavailability of iron, which can be particularly important for vegetarians.

7: It's Portable and Packable!
There aren't too many foods that come in their own packaging, have a long shelf life, are hardy for transporting without being damaged easily, and don't require any extra utensils or tools to access the delicious fruit inside. Enter citrus: nature's original portable snack! For kids, try some of the easy peel options like Florida Fallglo tangerines and Sol Zest mandarins.
8: It's Youth-Boosting!
In a time when expensive anti-aging products are everywhere you turn, the humble citrus fruit offers an affordable, natural, option. It hydrates skin from the inside out, is full of fiber which helps the body eliminate toxins that dull the complexion and lower energy, and that wonder vitamin C helps boost collagen production to keep skin elastic and supple. 

9: It's an Affordable and Unique Gift!
This time of the year, it can be challenging and stressful to find gifts for friends, loved ones, and colleagues that are affordable, meaningful, and unusual. Enter citrus! A bonus: by ordering directly from Florida Fruit Shippers, you don't have to go to the store, wrap anything, or stand in long lines at the post office. Just make sure you check the shipping deadlines for your region so you know your gift will arrive in plenty of time.

Whether you like sweet, sour, or a combination of the two, citrus provides!  Fresh picked fruits are so delicious that you can enjoy all the varieties and never even guess that it's incredibly good for your body, too. 

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Florida Fruit Shippers!


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