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How Many Fruit Can You Recognize on This Citrus Trivia Quiz?


Sure, you love eating oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, and other citrus…but do you know “who’s who” in the citrus world? Can you pick your favorite out of a “lime-up”? (Sorry.) “Orange” you wondering if you can guess? (Sorry again.) Try your hand at this "Who's Who of Citrus" and see how you score!

1. Here are some clues for Citrus Mystery #1:

  • --All the trees of this variety in the world are genetically identical. (Talk about wonder twin powers.)
  • --Every single fruit has another “baby” fruit inside it!
  • --This is the most most popular “eating” orange in the world.

So....which fruit is this?

A.) The Valencia orange B.) The Kardashian orange C.) The navel orange

2. Now on to Citrus Mystery Guest #2. This fruit...

  • --Has an extra appendage that sticks out
  • --Is SO juicy that it's sometimes sold with a bib!
  • --Is rarely, if ever, seen in Northern grocery stores

Who are we talking about here?

A.) The Honeybell B.) The tangerine C.) The Ugli fruit

3. Moving on to #3! This fruit is a fun one.

  • --They contain super-high levels of antioxidants, so they’re extra good for you
  • --But be careful! Their brightly colored juice can stain hands or clothing.
  • --Some people say they taste like strawberries

Is this....

 A.) The blood orange B.) The kumquat C.) The ruby red grapefruit

4. How about #4? This one is a popular favorite.

  • --They're named after a city in Morocco
  • --Their name is also the name of a movie, a font, a type of software, and a Led Zeppelin song, among other things
  • --Many "in the know" consider their juice more delicious than OJ, though it is harder to find
What fruit is this?

A.) The tangelo B) The tangerine C.) The Casablanca

5. Here's a popular citrus whose origin you might not know. Can you guess it?

  • --They were first brought to Florida by a mysterious count who claimed to have grown up with Napoleon and sailed the high seas with pirates!
  • --The juice is said to harmonize well with nutmeg
  • --There is some slight evidence that they can be useful as a weight loss aid

 Which fruit came here with the count?

 A.) The grapefruit B.) The lemon C.) The lime

6. Next! Who's this famous fruit?

  • --At certain points in history, they have been incredibly expensive!
  • --People have been eating these since ancient Rome

  • --A tree can live more than 100 years

 Which legendary fruit are we talking about?

A.) The navel orange B.) The lemon C.) The Temple orange

7. Here's one that might stump some of you. 

  • --This fruit is always eaten with the peel on!
  • --Its name comes from the Cantonese word for “golden”
  • --It's sometimes eaten pickled

 What's this unusual citrus?

A.) The kumquat B.) The Honeybell C.) The limequat

8.  We're getting into some citrus trivia now. Who knows this one?

  • --Tangerines are a subtype of this variety of fruit, as are many other kinds of small, juicy, easy-to-peel citrus
  • --Named after the color of a certain kind of robe
  • --Ever eaten canned oranges? They were probably this variety
This is a harder one...can you get it right?

A.) The Kimono orange  B.) The Page orange C.) The Mandarin orange

9. Some of you have probably never heard of this quirky citrus fruit.

  • --It is almost never eaten out of hand
  • --Instead, it's highly valued for its juice, used to flavor tea, perfume, and candy
  • --This “orange” ripens yellow

 Got any ideas?

A.) The Bergamot orange B.) The Cara Cara orange C.) The Fuzzy Navel

10. This is a fruit you've probably eaten, but may not know much about.

  • --They got their name from an owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team
  • --They're a very delicious snacking fruit
  • --They were once known as the “$10 a box orange” due to their reasonable price

Another tricky one.

A.) The Hamlin orange B.) The Mandarin orange C.) The Temple Orange


1: C 2: A 3: A 4: B 5: A 6: B 7: A 8: C 9: A 10: C


0-3 correct:  Hmm. Are you allergic to oranges? 

4-6 correct: Decent work...but we recommend some more citrus baskets. 

7-8 correct: Strong performance. You know your kumquats from your limequats.  

9-10 correct: Hey, do you work here? Great job! 



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