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Creative DIY Citrus Valentine's Gifts and Decor

Will you be my "Bellentine?"  With Valentine's Day around the corner, it makes sense that Honeybells and Golden Honeybells are at the peak of their season. Likewise, Cara Cara red navel oranges are ripe and ready to enjoy; their signature red pulp is custom made for the holiday of Love. What better gift for your beloved than fresh, seasonal citrus? A nice fruit-filled heart-shaped bowl like the one pictured below is the perfect centerpiece. But why stop there? How about some creative gifting and decor to really convey the Valentine's mood?

Say I "Heart" You with Multicolored Citrus

Fortunately for us, citrus comes in a variety of colors, inside and out.  No need to buy expensive decorations or sugary snacks: simply slice a few varieties of your favorite citrus types and use a paring knife to shape them into little hearts. These can be added to fruit salads, green salads, used as a garnish on a main dish, or simply served up alone as a fun snack! The picture below shows a multicolored assortment of navelred navel, and babybell oranges.


Let's Just be Friends 
There's simply no room for heartbreak this Valentine's Day: here's an easy and fun craft your kids and you can give to others to let them know how much you love being their friend.  Is someone crushing on you? This gift is also a gracious way to let that someone down easy. Simply take your citrus of choice, place it in a gift bag, and print or hand-design a card that says: "Orange you glad we're friends?" Tie the card onto the bag and voila: the perfect Friendentine!

Something for Your Main Squeeze

Now here's a clever gift idea for your pun-loving beloved: give them some delicious citrus and attach a hand juicer with a card that says "I just want to give you a big SQUEEZE for Valentine's Day!" 

Getting Romantic

Worried about setting a romantic mood for the big V Day?  Citrus is here to help once again!
While not traditionally recognized as one of the "aphrodisiac" foods like oysters and chocolate, more recent research has shown that the high vitamin C content of all citrus fruits increases blood flow and libido. Furthermore, the bright aroma of oranges and grapefruits is energizing and as such can counter fatigue that can get in the way of romance. You can bring these love-boosting qualities right into your home with a glowing citrus candle and a tasty cocktail recipe.  

There's so much to love about citrus! 
Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Florida Fruit Shippers! 


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